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Today, at its annual Capital Markets Day event, Nokia set key targets and forecasts for the company and its industry for 2010. Senior company executives outlined how Nokia’s focus on execution combined with its core competitive advantages, position the company to achieve and sustain broad-based success in the mobile devices market. At the event, Nokia also demonstrated significant improvements to its forthcoming version of the Symbian user interface.

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Nokia has announced a whole new concept when looking at the UI of Maemo 6. The idea that the screen of the device is a window to a full desktop is very intriguing and is referred to as the “Canvas Principle.” Maemo 6 will expand and build upon Maemo 5 and is described as an “iconic user experience and integrated Internet services in one aesthetic package.” Maemo 6 will also support portrait mode, which Maemo 5 currently fails to deliver on the Nokia N900.

Unfortunately it will be at least a year before we can see this come to life, and so the question remains… To N900 or not to N900? As you will need to replace your hardware in order to get the new goodies.

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