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Nokia N900 PR1.1 v2.2009.51-1

The Nokia N900 has today received a major firmware update 2.2009.51-1 (PR1.1) fixing many issues and bringing new features to the device. The firmware released earlier this week was PR1.0.1 and was intended not only to allow access to the Ovi Store, but also prepare the Application Manager for FOTA (Firmware-Over-The-Air). You can also download the update using NSU (Nokia Software Updater) but make sure you back up your content before updating. Read the full changelog after the break. Read the rest of this entry »

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N900 1.2009.44.1The Nokia N900 has been finally updated to 1.2009.44.1v44.1 is just a minor update and I haven’t noticed any big changes by now. It contains mostly small adjustments invisible to user preparing for next update. The update can be downloaded either via the Nokia Software Updater or straight from the application manager. Unfortunately, the N900 doesn’t support UDP (User Data Preservation) so that all your applications, e-mail accounts, custom background and your homescreen will be wiped out when you update it with the NSU. However, if you update it using the application manager none of your data will be deleted.

Changes from 1.2009.42.11 to 1.2009.44.1:

  • The application manager has been redesigned and looks more appealing.
  • Red Pill mode is gone
  • Ovi catalogue has been added
  • After an application is installed the application manager will not jump at the top




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DSCF3220Still there’s no new firmware update for the Nokia N900 available. However, a few selected contributors got the chance to test the upcoming firmware in advance. Unfortunately, this isn’t the big update all N900 user have been waited for. Portrait mode hasn’t been added in neither the internet browser nor in the entire menu. Anyway, PR1.1 should be faster and snappier and fix a bunch of bugs. As soon as the firmware goes public we’ll let you know.

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