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The status menu allows you fast access from almost everywhere. There come some applets right out of the box but there are a few 3rd party applets which are useful indeed. One of which is 3G/2G Mode Selection Applet that allows you to switch the three network modes (3G, 2G and Dual) from the status menu. Using this applet you can easily save the precious baterylife of the N900. 3G/2G Mode Selection Applet is available in the application manager.

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N900 MMS

In terms of connectivity and messaging the Nokia N900 offers pretty much

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everything – everything besides MMS comparability. Some critics have put the N900 on the same level as the Apple iPhone, which also cannot sent and receive MMS. However, thanks to fMMS, N900 users can sent and receive MMS finally. Apparently it depends on your provider whether it works or not. Nonetheless, this app is fixing another flaw of the N900. At the moment fMMS is available in the ‘Extras Devel‘ catalogue.

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