About MaemoWorld:

MaemoWorld is a complete Maemo OS resource. It is designed to bring the latest Maemo news and mobile device reviews directly to our readers. Founded in April 2007, NokiaWorld has become one of the biggest Symbian blogs on the internet, with a large number of dedicated readers which is increasing day by day and we intend to duplicate this success with MaemoWorld. We offer our readers a huge download section through which they can find  great applications. We also have a fantastic tutorial section where readers can learn different ways to use their device and better their mobile experience. We also do not require a reader membership nor would anyone need to sign up to leave any comments. MaemoWorld is completely open to all Maemo enthusiasts and we willingly encourage reader participation through comments. We don’t work for Nokia nor any other company and they do not pay us to write about their products. As we are independent, no-one influences any of our articles.

About Norman John

Norman John

My name is Norman John , I’m author and the head of this blog. I’m living in Germany more exactly in the more or less beautiful town Wolfsburg. I’m currently 19 years old and I’m going to school. Due to I’m student I have only little spare time. Nevertheless, I try to update this blog as often as possible and keep you up to date. I’ve had my hands on almost every OS, being  UIQ, Android, Windows or Mac but S60 is the OS I’ve been with the last 5 years. However, I’m always open for new players in the market and I don’t doubt that Android or Apple are doing something right. Now I’m using the Nokia N900 as my main device.

Feel free to e-mail me right here: contact (at) symbianworld.org

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