Nokia N900 Review

hen Nokia first announced the Nokia N900 it came out of the blue. The Maemo 5 based N900 is a milestone and a new start for Nokia. However,every change is combined with downsides. Read on, to see all up- and downsides and to see how it works in the real world:

Main advantage:

  • Full qwerty keyboard
  • Computer like web browsing
  • 32GB internal memory

Main disadvantegs:

  • Heavy
  • Bulky
  • Poor battery life

Built Quality:

The N900 is indeed well built and feels in terms of its built quality stable in the hand. The front has a metal frame that gives the N900 a nice touch. Overall is the rest of the front out of plexiglas that looks and feeld nice. Unfortunately the Plexiglas attracts fingerprints easily. The back is produced out of matt plastic. This dosn’t feel cheap but also not as fine as a metal back. Also is the battery cover really solid and hard to get open. There is no wobble or clicking noise at all. Obviously the N900 has a slider mechanism that reveals the full qwerty-keyboard. It opens and closes nicely and whit a nice click noise. Sliding it up or down with either one or two hands is easy. Weather the slider is open or closed it’s absolutely stable and doesn’t wobble.


No doubt, the N900 is a piece of a phone.It meassures 110.9 x 59.8 x 18mm and weights 181grams. Thus, it’s really wide and thick.

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