MeeGo Gets its First 3D User Interface

Yet we haven’t seen the official UI for the first Meego device. However, the closer the first Meego device comes the more conecept UI we get to see. This time its a 3D User Interface executed on MeeGo. iXonos has developed an application based on Sony Crackle’s video streaming service. They wanted a flashy UI that would leverage all levels of graphic performance. Ixonos has built the platform from the interaction and information architecture up towards the user interface layer ensuring top-form functionality and stunning graphics.

What is interesting about this demo is that the application is being shown off on two different system being build using two different programs. On the Nokia N900 we see the UI being created by Rightware’s Kanzi solution which has stereoscopic 3D capabilities. On the Lenovo S10-3t we see the exact same UI being built using Qt.

Two different methods for building a 3D UI on MeeGo with identical results!

If you’re wondering when this app is going to be available well, Sony merely gave Ixonos permission to use Crackle to for use in this demonstration. So there is no word on whether or not Crackle and its growing collection of Sony’s library of TV shows and movies will be making it to a MeeGo device near you!

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