Duke Nukem 3D for the Nokia N900

Screenshot-20091229-151617.pngDuke Nukem 3D, a first-person shooter computer game, is available for the Nokia N900. The game was originally developed by 3D Realms and was published by Apogee Software.

You control the game with the keys, the accelerometer as well as with the touch-screen. Well, the goal in the game is to go through a city and to kill the zombies. Apparently this game works not 100% on the N900 and it takes a while to get used to the gameplay but nonetheless it’s fun. Go to the application manager and download ‘Duke Nukem 3D Shareware‘.

Also you can download the files seperately and directly here:


SW grp file ( unzip first): http://drolyag.tripod.com/duke3d.zip

The back story involves Duke traveling back from his mission in Duke Nukem II only to have his shuttle shot down by aliens. Finding Los Angeles overrun, he sets out to once again defeat any alien menace.
There is little story in the game except for few cutscenes after the completion of an episode. During the game, Duke discovers that the aliens are capturing women. After he kills the first boss, Alien Battle Lord, he journeys to space, where he reaches the alien mothership and kills an Alien Overlord. He finally saves the day after he goes back to Earth and kills the leader of alien menace: Cycloid Emperor. The story continues in the Atomic Edition, in the fourth episode, The Birth. It is revealed that the aliens were capturing women to produce them a Queen, which could quickly give birth to alien drones. Duke is set out to find her lair and kill the Queen, thus thwarting the alien plot.


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