Download: The Ur-Quan Masters for Maemo 5 based N900

Click on the screenshot to see a larger one!Do you remember and love Star Control 2 from 1992, a revolutionary adventure game which featured role-playing elements and 2D arcade-style space combat in the grand tradition of Space War? If so, you will love the Ur-Quan Masters that is the free release of the Star Control 2 for your Nokia N900.

In your epic quest to overthrow the Ur-Quan overlords, you travel to remote star systems, gather resources, outfit your flagship, recruit alien allies, battle foes, and disrupt an enigmatic enemy tradition in time to prevent

the annihilation of the entire human race! So, don’t hesitate and download this game for your N900.

Unfortunately I couldn’t install it on my N900 as I need Joydev. Thus, does it work for you? Please leave a comment.

Download The Ur-Quan Masters

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