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mobile phone recyclers.

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The world of mobile technology seems to have no limits. In a day when you can

use your symbian mobile for business voip you can’t stop to wonder about what’s next. Maemo World is your source for industry news so visit regularly to keep up to date.

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eCoach is a application that is monitoring your speed, distance and hard rate in real time. More over, you can follow your way on a map and show your workout or route to anybody you like. Of course it’s using the built in GPS to locate you and to track every step you take. It works pretty much like Sports Tracker for

S60 devices. In my opinion eCoach is a must have application. In order to download it to your Nokia N900 jump over to your application manager.

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hen Nokia first announced the Nokia N900 it came out of the blue. The Maemo 5 based N900 is a milestone and a new start for Nokia. However,every change is combined with downsides. Read on, to see all up- and downsides and to see how it works in the real world:

Main advantage:

  • Full qwerty keyboard
  • Computer like web browsing
  • 32GB internal memory

Main disadvantegs:

  • Heavy
  • Bulky
  • Poor battery life

Built Quality:

The N900 is indeed well built and feels in terms of its built quality stable in the hand. The front has a metal frame that gives the N900 a nice touch. Overall is the rest of the front out of plexiglas that looks and feeld nice. Unfortunately the Plexiglas attracts fingerprints easily. The back is produced out of matt plastic. This dosn’t feel cheap but also not as fine as a metal back. Also is the battery cover really solid and hard to get open. There is no wobble or clicking noise at all. Obviously the N900 has a slider mechanism that reveals the full qwerty-keyboard. It opens and closes nicely and whit a nice click noise. Sliding it up or down with either one or two hands is easy. Weather the slider is open or closed it’s absolutely stable and doesn’t wobble.


No doubt, the N900 is a piece of a phone.It meassures 110.9 x 59.8 x 18mm and weights 181grams. Thus, it’s really wide and thick.

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The Nokia N900 comes with an

application called

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Microsoft has traditionally enjoyed a long-standing monopoly over the operating system market.  1.5 billion desktops and laptops are thought to run on the Windows operating system, giving Microsoft a market share of 44%, according to Net Applications.

Google’s Android’s market share currently sits at 17.4%.  But according to analysts, dramatic changes are afoot.  Research firm Gartner estimates that by 2016 the number of Android driven computers, tablets and smartphones will have soared from 608 million to 2.3 billion, overtaking Microsoft, which, Gartner predicts, will be running Windows on 2.28 billion devices.

How does Gartner qualify these radical predictions?  Microsoft’s Windows software has reigned supreme over the personal computer industry for years and given the recent launch of Windows 8, surely global giant Microsoft stands a good chance of retaining its market dominance?

Technological change continues to thunder along at breakneck speed – Google’s Android operating system may have only emerged four years ago, but it is now well-established, widely available and proving to be fierce competition for rivals Windows and Apple.  For decades, the PC served as our primary device.  But then Apple created iOS and Google’s Android was born. Suddenly we started viewing our phones and then our tablets as very real rivals to our desktops and laptops.  Many activities that used to be the preserve of the PC, such as watching films, listening to music or browsing the Internet could be done on a smaller device, on the move if necessary.

Microsoft has been struggling to keep pace with the smartphone sector and currently presides over a market share of only 3%.  Increasing numbers of us are choosing a mobile device as our primary computer.  Worldwide PC shipments slumped 8% in the last three months alone and it is likely that this trend will continue – four years from now, smartphones and tablets may well have taken the place of the once ubiquitous PC.

Some analysts believe that Microsoft faces a monumental challenge luring customers away from Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS.  The launch of the revolutionary iPhone in 2007 made an already powerful brand even stronger.

Android now powers around 150 devices on the market in Western Europe and is continuing to gather momentum.  Gartner believes that ‘broad-scale deployment of Windows 8’ is unlikely to happen.  Most enterprises, management vendors and consumers are thought to be unprepared for such a radical change – a new and unfamiliar operating system which features a tile-centric touch-interface. Read the rest of this entry »

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Wanted to overclock your Nokia N9 or Nokia 950? If so you can do it now and enjoy 1.1Ghz. Over on My Nokia Blog you can find a easy tutorial. Enjoy!

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Yet we haven’t seen the official UI for the first Meego device. However, the closer the first Meego device comes the more conecept UI we get to see. This time its a 3D User Interface executed on MeeGo. iXonos has developed an application based on Sony Crackle’s video streaming service. They wanted a flashy UI that would leverage all levels of graphic performance. Ixonos has built the platform from the interaction and information architecture up towards the user interface layer ensuring top-form functionality and stunning graphics.

What is interesting about this demo is that the application is being shown off on two different system being build using two different programs. On the Nokia N900 we see the UI being created by Rightware’s Kanzi solution which has stereoscopic 3D capabilities. On the Lenovo S10-3t we see the exact same UI being built using Qt.

Two different methods for building a 3D UI on MeeGo with identical results!

If you’re wondering when this app is going to be available well, Sony merely gave Ixonos permission to use Crackle to for use in this demonstration. So there is no word on whether or not Crackle and its growing collection of Sony’s library of TV shows and movies will be making it to a MeeGo device near you!

The full video can be viewed here. Also, Click here for more info on phone recycling.

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